Create screen flow based on multiple values

Who can help me with the following flow or flows I would like to create:

I want to close the screens between 14:00 and sundown.
Close parameters available: lux, temp, wind (maybe later rain with Buienradar)
Neo coolcam for Lux (created logica that will update lux value)
Openweather for temp and wind
Fibaro shutter 3
Check conditions every 15 or 30 (?) minutes and open or close if necessary

Currently I have one flow with:

If 14:00 hours
And lux is more then x, windspeed is below y, temp is higher then z
Then close screen

What would be the best approach to accomplish this screen automation and have it checked for changing conditions between afternoon and sundown.

Cheers, Jeroen

My aproach would be:
Flow: # close screens
WHEN this flow is started
THEN close screen1, close screen2, close screen3

Flow: > check if screens can close
WHEN this flow is started
AND lux > x, windspeed<y, temp>z
THEN start flow “# close screens”, start flow “> disable flows”

Flow: ! Lux close screens
WHEN lux is changed
THEN start flow “ > check if screens can close”

Flow: ! Wind close screens
WHEN windspeed is changed
THEN start flow “ > check if screens can close”

Flow: ! Temp close screens
WHEN temp is changed
THEN start flow “ > check if screens can close”

Flow: @14:00 enable flows
WHEN time=14:00
THEN start flow “> enable flows”

WHEN this flow is started
THEN enable flow ! Lux close screens, enable flow ! Wind close screens, enable flow ! Temp close screens

Flow: @sundown disable flows
WHEN time=sundown
THEN start flow “> disable flows”

Flow: > disable flows
WHEN this flow is started
THEN disable flow ! Lux close screens, disable flow ! Wind close screens, disable flow ! Temp close screens

Also add some flows to open the screens again…

Hi Fkey,

Thanks for your reply. I’m going to work on this!


@FKey, interesting way you are going. Do I understand right that you disable Flows instead of using variables? So you save some additional flows?

I use both methods: disable and variable in the AND.

  • I use disable for flows that are triggered by devices that generate a lot of triggers. Like temperature sensors and lux sensors.
  • and with variables for flows that do not trigger often (time, sunset, )
    Never had any issues that homey got into overload. But it feels better not to trigger flows every x minutes instead of triggering them and stop them by variable in the AND
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When building flows I cut them up in many small flows. I learned this helps to keep the flows readable and understandable.
If you are interested you can read my post “how to structure your flows”

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I’ve already seen your post, great job! :+1:t3:
But it is not easy for me to understand the screenshots in Dutch.
The flows in this post were easier for me to understand.