Create an action one hour before sunset

How can I create this action. Anyone can help me?

Thank you :grin:!

Also available as The sun sets in …

So easy! I have been working on it for too long:roll_eyes:

Thank you anyway

If you need more options, check out the App “zonnestanden”

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Thank you

Is the opposit possible? 60 minutes after sunset?

Maybe a workaround but you can always add a delay on an action card.

How do I do that? (newbie)

Den 17 sep. 2018, kI 19:31, Gerard Gaal skrev:

Thanks, it was easy when I found it… :grinning:

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Hi, how to set up AND conditions? Thanks

What do you want exactly? More information please.

i want allow PIR detection for switch light one hour before system sunset time (dark place). if there is no direct function I can create my own variable (maybe :slight_smile:

Use this App

You can use a offset, like here 30 minutes after sunset.

but i need cca 30-60min before sunset, no after…

A off set can be positive or negative!

30 min before sunset

cool :slight_smile: thx, i houpe that use my location

so…, i can set working 60min before sunset and 60min after sunrise …, no working :frowning: any ideal… i need working all night + 1hour before and after.

I do not understand the problem. Maybe I don’t understand you either.

Like Osorkon wrote, you need this app here:

This allows you to set a positive or negative offset.

  • 60 minutes before sunset
  • 60 minutes after sunset

No work i test change - mark same result. Morning about 6am neither condition is met. Thx

Sorry, for me it is really hard to understand you.

Please show the complete Flow (with WENN, AND and THEN).