Create a negative numeric variable

It seems that in the iOS app I’m not able to create a new numeric variable with a negative value (there is no minus sign on the keyboard). Of course the variable can become negative when I perform operations with it.
If I go to the web interface on my computer, I can create a a numeric value with a negative value.
Looks like a little bug to me.

Also in the app: the keyboard shows a decimal comma (not a point). The comma is replaced with a dot after saving it. It would be nice if this is more consistent.

Please report these issues to

I’m on the Testflight version the iPad, but there I do not have any problems at all, what does it look like for you then? This is what I get:

(I’m Dutch, so a decimal comma is normal for me).

To me on my iPhone it looks like this

The default used decimal sign on Homey is a dot. Very consistent. But you have to know it😁

I’ve different keyboards for this “crap” (why has a numeric keyboard no - character, or a comma??).
Is it possible to install alternative keyboards on an iphone?

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In that case, the dot should be present on the keyboard as well, instead of the comma. In that case it would indeed be consistent.
The most consistent would be, if the Homey app would reflect the language/display settings on the mobile phone.

As far as my knowledge goes, the numeric keyboard could be displayed with a minus sign also visible.

I think I cannot change the keyboard, its the responsibility of the app maker to show me the numeric one, the alfabet one, an email variation to that, etc.

Your keyboard reflects your used language. Homey chose to use the international decimal dot.
An app cannot change your numeric keyboard layout or language setting afaik.
So it is what it is.
You have to ask apple for keyboard layout changes.
This is amongst many other reasons, why I use Android. You can change things.

I have a workaround/temporarily solution:
Make the number in notes and copy/paste it into the variable.


My workaround is to use the web version of Homey.

But I dare to differ with Peter. As the majority of apps do (and every app should do), take the international settings of your phone into account, let the user enter numbers (or dates for example) in their usual format, and convert the data into some internal format.
Its not a super big deal if this is not happening, but we shouldn’t call it consistent. There is no international standard for it, it differs based on the user’s location: Decimal separator - Wikipedia

I see that the apple numeric keyboard system element doesn’t provide a minus sign (which is a shortcoming of iOS), but workarounds are available. Like ios - Is there a UITextField keyboard type that like a number pad but allows negative numbers? - Stack Overflow and

I should be clearer, I meant the English / US standard, but that’s kind of an international base.
Agreed if you can set mph/kmh and °F/°C on many apps, why not an option to set a , or . as the decimal symbol

Yeah, so can others :wink:


If u don’t start the iOS/android discussion then I don’t have to say android sucks!

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