How to replace a dot with a comma

I am trying to update a Google spreadsheet with some energy readings. I am using the app IFTTT and the card “Start applet with data”. The sheet is in EU format so I must use comma’s for decimal values. Is there any way I can format the data variables with comma’s instead of dots? Any help is

Hi, I don’t know how to convert the dots to comma’s. Maybe it can be done with Homeyscript…

But, this might be an idea:
You can tell the spreadsheet a dot is a decimal sign. You have to change the language, to, like, English, and therefore set the country to Great Britain for instance:
Go “File” and then “Settings”

This way 10.256 is a valid value and the data import should go OK.

When you have a NAS running or a server, you can use the Archive Insights app to export those tags to .csv formatted files

Thanks Peter. I already tried changing the sheet settings but then I have to change a zillion entries. So if I can just convert the dots to comma’s that would be better.

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i have the same question. would be nice that this would be a general option to define the default character for decimals.

the workaround seems to work for google sheets