Correct assemble plastic

hi, goodmorning I’ve buy a new homey pro, but I have a question , your homey are correctly assembled 2 hemisphere in plastic and ring with? my homey isn’t I think … I see inside and the top isn’t fixed strong … it’s normal? thanks

If you think it isnt correctly assambeld, you should contact the seller directly (athom themself, or the retailer) where you buyed it. Not by using a forum.

thanks roy, i don’t know if little holes under led ring are for infrared device , I think asking is totally legit , answer is a courtesy.

if you have a similar device pls say to me and I obliterate this post, thanks again

This looks normal for me, the iR receiver and transmitters are there bemind.

You didnt say holes or whatever !!! And you only provide a picture in your second post. But as dijker already says… looks pretty good.

thank you Dikjer and roy , if this assemblage is normal I haven’t to contact atom or amazon , I haven’t see in other pic this “gap” but if holes are for infrared it’s a very good things, thank again