Corradi sun screen

I have a sun screen in my garden, the brand is Corradi and its remote control is the Corradi Vector. Any knowledge or experience here using Homey for control?

Did some research for you, because you don’t provide much information.
– searched the Homey forum for Corradi: 0 topics, 0 mentions found
– searched the Home Assistant forum for Corradi, because HA supports much more brands and devices than Homey does: 0 topics, 0 mentions found
– searched the Corradi web sites for a remote control: found nothing usable

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Thanks! I could find it is the Corradi Palladia and I believe I have read somewhere it works on 433.92MHz.

So now you only need to create a Homey App for it.

Worth checking out:

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But it seems to require a Brel-Home hub?

No, you can just copy/learn the RF signals of the remote, and then you can send these signals by flows.
Just try it, it’s free of charge :crazy_face:

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