Controlling a central ventilation system with Homey, which brand and type should I Buy?

My bathrooms will be rebuild, besides I also have to redo the mechanical ventilation.

Any suggestions, I still have to decide which central ventilation I should buy to replace my 20 year old Itho… I want to be able to automate based on humidity / motion to switch on the mechanical ventilation in the bathrooms.

I bought a Stork Comfofan S R mechanische ventilator with a quibino but didn’t install it yet.

Also, I’ve been in contact with Brink Climate Systems, they are working for a solution for:

I am planning to install a similar solution inspired by Vilpe eco ideal, their system for roof fans. It’s closed, though, running on 868mhz (?).

Will do something similar (with a Vilpe roof fan and qubino 0-10v) but with Xiaomi temp/hygro sensors in different rooms. And also with Arduino/Homeyduino sensors measuring CO2 ( and VOC (

Thanks guys! I think I am going for a

  • Itho +
  • Fibaro Switch +
  • Xiaomi motion / humidity sensor

As described here:

My challenge, Am I capable enough to connect the switch to the Itho…

really curious how (if) you managed to get this working?! I have a mechanical ventilation also that I would like to controll via a z-wave switch

I managed it according to the setup described Robbshop above, than I created flows inspired on these posts:

Im using Fibaro dimmer to control ventilation in bathroom. You can control RPM of fan as a benefit (fan needs to support it). So its not so noisy in the night…