Control variable speed pool-pump

I would like to control a DAB variable speed pool-pump (ESwim 150) according to water temperature. I get the latter from my Ico, but how do I control the pump…? Let’s keep it simple:1) which interface do I physically connect to the pump, and how; and 2) how do I command it? Thanks!

Which interfaces has the pomp? What are the specification of the interfaces?

I don’t understand the scheme, but then… I’m a biologist :wink:

  • I need to be able to start and stop the pump
  • and then to control the speed (changing the input on pin2 from 0 to 10V apparently)
  • What zWave (?) module allows me to do that? Where do I connect the second pole?
    Thank you so much!

Here are all the available pins:

It looks like you can do it with the Fibaro smart implant and one or two power supplies of 5 and 10(12)V.
As your are not an electronically engineer, I wouldn’t know how you can set up the electrical schema :grin:

Thank you, I’ll look into that. And, thanks for the encouragement!

The best thing you can do is to get some local help. As only text is is a very poor communication channel. Even between electrical engineers discussions can go on and on for a long time, with a lots of misunderstanding and miscommunication. Quite frustrating.

You can use a qubino 0-10V device on z-wave connect it to 3 (gnd) and 2 (IN0_A).