Control Panasonic Air Conditioner via IR

Does anybody know how to control a Panasonic Air Conditioner via IR directly with the help op a HP 2023?

I have the following model Panasonic CS-FZ35UKE. The corresponding remote is shown in the picture

This is the model

Thank you @Undertaker. But is it also possible to send direct pronto hex commands via homey. And if so, how do i get these?

There are quite some device if you search on Climate adding an IR device

But if this isn’t a rebranded other device you need to:

  1. Learn the codes and build a Homey app youself
  2. Ask the brand (Panasonic) Support to create an InfraRed Homey App.
  3. look if a Cloud Extension for your model exists: Panasonic Comfort Cloud App for Homey | Homey

Google, there are many IR Databases online,
Create / buy a recorder and Record / annalize your Remote and Convert the Data to Pronto Hex format

Great comments @Dijker. I appreciate this.

Did any of our fellow homeys encountered this same problem, and if so how did you resolved this without the use of extra hubs as suggested?

Interesting because I’m struggling with the same issue.

Maybe this will help you a bit: