Consumption from Midnight for Devices - Insights

I am new to the Homey Beta but reacted directly when I can see my total Consumption from Midnight via Tibber Pulse, as an Insight but only a cumulative figure over time for devices.
For example my water heater starts at 12 kwh and not O so the I can easily see the consumption for the day.
I understand this is a Beta but this would be a good feature and relatively easy to fix.

I think you should contact Athom
Scroll down to Customer Support

@Peter_Kawa thanks. Realise that I have not really posted in the right forum! I’ll check with support.

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Got me thinking though…

Maybe you’ll need to ask in the Tibber app topic, or their support channels.
Find it this way:

I mixed up things, thought your Q. was about the Energy tab of Homey :face_with_hand_over_mouth: