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Considering homey

Good afternoon

I am thinking of buying a homey but i have some questions.
Right now i have a raspberry pi running domoticz with a zwave switch, some kaku/coco sockets, some mi-lights with a controller and some xiaomi devices with a hub.

I almost bought a homey but then i read that a fibaro switch did not sent his status to homey.
E.g. if i manually flip the switch, homey detects the switch and then i use a flow to let a kaku/coco switch on as well.

And just curious what would happen if a developer from an app decides to quit developing. Does the app die over time? Or does homey keep working on it to keep it alive?

Do the xiaomi devices connect directly to homey or do i still need the hub?


My Fibaro Dual Switches2/Dimmer2 - correctly update with in the app when turned on manually. The S2 however does not update the power meter level.

Fibaro is developed by Athom, so no need to worry on that account, I cant answer as to what would happen in your hypothetical but I expect it would be done on a case by case basis.

The Xiaomi Zigbee devices connect directly to Homey, you can see the full list of compatibility here :


Hope that helps.

Unfortunately, my older Fibaro switches don’t send status to Homey, indeed.
They are not Type-2 devices, probably that is the problem.

Thanks you for the answers.
I think i have the fgs213 from fibaro.
No clue whether that is an v1 of v2

Just testing and I see that Flows don’t get triggered with my device FGS221 v1.4
in the communication-log, I see that the status is transmitted, so, no idea what happens,
I don’t use this function normaly, so this is all I can tell you.

Thanks for the reply.
I am want to build a hybrid system which works both ways. The wife wants to keep using the analog way.


I am an owner of a Homey and so far, I am not very impressed in general. My main dislike of Homey is that it only supports 'If this (and this), then this else that" in a single flow. I personally miss the options like “If this, then this, else-if this, then this, else-if this then this, else that” (or ‘case statements’ if you want to work with ranges)
You need to create a large amount of separated flows to do relatively simple things. If I knew it up front, I would most definitely have purchased a raspberry pi and few USB-dongles for the same amount of money and had a more flexible end-product.

My suggestion is, that if you currently have your hardware, just keep it like it is. If you don’t like Domoticz, you can also look at Home Assistant which, in general has better hardware support than Homey does at the moment. (It also has a more active community - No offence to all the app-makers and hard-working mods on this forum of course!! They in general put in great effort!)

Also Homey will soon stop support for a proper desktop application/web interface. You will have to work(/struggle?) on a smartphone or tablet to create potentially complex logical setups. I don’t want to start a discussion on this topic, but it is a concern I have. (( Maybe it’ll be great, but I personally don’t believe in it. I hope my concerns will turn out to be needless ))

Just my two cents :slight_smile: