Connection instabilities

Hi all,

The last couple of days my Homey’s connectivity is extremely unstable to a point that I am about to bin it and go for something else. Constantly the app reports the device off- and than back online and I am not able to decently control any devices.

Besides the instability, actions and flows take ages to respond. For instance, tapping a device on or off, in the app, the app icon shows on or off, but the device itself may take up to 30 seconds or more to respond, many times I get a red banner stating a 3000ms time-out or the app blatantly states the Homey is unreachable.

Device itself seems ok, and rebooting it several times (both via the developer portal and by unplugging it) doesn’t change anything.

Sometimes it takes a few seconds, than an hour. Today, so far this happened 10 times already, Yesterday between 30 to 40 times.

Has anyone else experienced this? I know for a fact that there are no networking issues, nothing else is reporting or showing any problems, nor do my logs of firewall and switching.

And yes, I am aware I am running a beta, but this kind of instability is closer to an alpha than a beta. Besides, after running this beta for this long, I think one might rightfully expect at least close to RC stability.

Best regards,

Other users have reported that the cloud was running out of memory.

I would call that embarrassing, I’d be out of a job if I’d tell my mgmt sorry guys, servers ran out of memory so the bizz will be down for a day or 2… :rofl:

Hi, sounds like an ip conflict… already tried to turn off homey and ping the adress?

Perhaps that’s why most cloud-based stuff is being dropped for the new Homey Pro, Athom’s come to the realisation that they can’t manage cloud servers. Too bad for Homey Cloud users, but hey, it’s “beta” :wink:

Hi Mey,
Yeah, did that, like I wrote, no probs on the local network. But…since last night, all seems to be running fine again. I would say Robert Klep was spot on with the Cloud issues.