Apps not working (paused)

Yesterday all my apps on homey bridge stopped working (paused).
24 hours later, still not working

Tried to reset homey and remove/install app, but it will not work

I can’t find any post of this problem lately
Anyone has an idea?

I have got it working at the moment, my solution for now

  1. reset homey bridge
  2. in the app, go to “more” - “apps” and then the app of choice
  3. select “watch in homey store”
  4. i have got th option to install… this is strange because it is installed. After install the app seemed to be working fine for now

I seem to have the same issue since this morning. All apps are not running. Tried restarting them but get “spawn ENOMEM” error.

That means that Athom’s servers are out of memory…

Thanks @robertklep after a few restarts now all apps are working again.