Connecting Fedi led light strips to the Homey

My stair has been renovated and led lights has been installed by the supplier.
The lights are connected via a Fedi led driver LV30-12V, Input 0.2A PF>=0.9, Output 12VDC Max 2.5A 30W. The led driver is connected to a Fedi 12V LV receiver, input 12VDC, output 12VDC 3A.
Remote switches are connected to one of the Fedi power units to switch and dim the led lights.
I presume, the Fedi led driver LV30-12V will power the lights and the Fedi 12V LV receiver will be the unit to switch and dim the led lights. I have used a switch outlet to switch the lights on and off, but the default settings after reconnecting is power off.

I want to use my Homey to switch and dim the LED lights.

I presume there are 2 solutions:

  1. Homey to connect to the Fedi LV receiver
  2. Replace the LV receiver with a device which is supported by Homey

Can somebody give me advise?

I would look for a new driver that is supported with Homey instead of replacing the receiver…

Ikea Tradfri LED Driver. € 25.-
Compatible with Homey. You can then use a Hue dimmer switch as a remote control in future.

Sorry, the Ikea has 24 V voltage, so it is not suitable. But there are also such drivers with 12 volts.