Connecting A fibaro with relay to legacy Alarm system


I have purchased two FSG-222 (Relay Switches) so I can install them on my legacy alarm system. I have a system called BiBus Classic S system. (Not sure if you have heard about it).

I would like to connect the switch relays in the following manner:

• Port 1: Arm and Disarm (all sensors)
• Port 2: Arm and Disarm (Perimeter – some sensors)
• Port 3: Trigger alarm

So on port 1 and 2, I would need to send an impulse to arm or to disarm and on port 3 I need to open or close the circuit to trigger the alarm. Note that all 3 ports have been configured on the alarm system to arm/disarm (ports 1 and 2) and trigger alarm (port 3). So on the alarm system side things are ready.

Below you can see the wiring model:

Given the above, can you please know how to connect wire the FGS222? What should I connect on L, N, IN, Q1 and Q2. Since I have three ports one will remain idle.

Thank you,

It look to me that this is a “closed” system, al the parts “talk” to each other via a bus system. Best is to contact your system supplier to ask if it is possible to control the system by connecting relays and if so, where to connect the relay contacts.