Connect RTS screens with Google

Hi All,

I’ve added my RTS sunscreens to Homey without any problems. Now I want them to control with Google Assistant. I’ve already linked Homey to Google Assistant and it was already working for turning the lights on, … But my RTS sunscreens aren’t visible in Google Home, so I can’t send any commands to it. Is Google Home not compatible with these things or could it be something else? Already deleted the link from Homey and Google Home and re-added, but no screens available.

Hey, I"ve added 2 new virtual devices to Homey, but I still can’t see them in Google Home. Even after resyncing devices with Homey. I know I have to make a virtual device to make it visible in Google Home and add a Flow to it in Homey.

Ok I’ve got it. Only the on/off function is working and is added to Google Home (not the up and down function). I’ve made a flow when screen is on, then the screen need to go down.