Combining text strings and send one notification

I am rewriting some of my Flows and I’d like to save things confirmed into the timeline, but I also don’t want several messages at the same time. So is it possible to combine text strings during the flow and sent them all at once?
I looked into logic and better logic but I cannot find any append action.

To illustrate it better:
I have a flow with a trigger: last person left.
Make variable "Last one gone: "
It checks if the heating is on, yes: turn off + append to variable "heating off, "
It checks if the the pet door is locked, no + append to variable "pet door locked, "
At the end of the flow, whatever route it all has been trough, the message is send with all text fragments after each other.

Works well: Shared Flow | Homey

Or advanced

You just need to ensure, that there is some time difference with the “append” step. because all cards would be executed simultaneously and the outcome is undetermined.

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That is so easy. Never knew you could do that with logic and text variables. Thanks! :slight_smile: