Wait for action in flow


I it possible to know when a action in a flow is done?

I stream a variable text, weather, date and information with the TTS app to a google mini, after this I want to stream another text but only if the first is done.

I know we can use the delay option for an option in a flow but this does not work because the first text is variable in length and I never know before how many time I have to put in the delay field.

Example flow;

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No, this isn’t possible.

Hi @robertklep, Thanks for the quick reply, that’s going in a request form to Athom then :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe another way to achieve this, with more than one flow, or is this also not possible?


Only if the TTS service has some sort of event (like a webhook) that it can trigger when it’s done. But, for instance, simply calling another flow will run into the same issue as keeping everything in a single flow: actions are started in parallel, not sequentially, so the other flow will get called at about the same time as the TTS service will.

OK clear, thanks!

FYI: Created a request for Athom to add this in a future version if possible.

Thanks for quick reply!

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