Q: Is there an easy way to get custom input for a flow?

I am using the Chromecast + TTS app to let a Google Mini say a predefined message. But I was wondering if there is any way of starting a flow from a mobile device that asks for user input to send a custom message? Or at least select from a dropdown list of predefined messages?

From what I could find it is currently not possible to get user input when starting a flow, but maybe someone got creative and came up with a simple workaround? :slight_smile:

In tasks you can send webhooks. That way you can sent a webhook, and make a flow for google mini. Probably it will also be possible to make a list in tasks, but don’t know if you can send different webhooks.

Android probably has also a sort of tasks as ios has.

Thanks, I was hoping there would be a way to achieve this without additional apps (I read about using Tasker on Android). Just having a simple AND card to get user input from a manually started flow would solve it. Is it possible at all from the Homey api to get any type of user input? Script prompt maybe?

The only way i know is the yes/no flow. In that case you only have two options.

And ofcourse the favorite flows, which you start from a widget.

Yes, there is.

In the video below I show a voice message being put in a variable by the Tasker plugin Auto Voice and this variable is being sent to Homey via a webhook by Tasker. Homey processes the incoming tag, starts a flow and the message is being spoken out loud on a Google Home speaker.

By the way, I use the Google Services app for TTS.

Thanks for the suggestions! I already have a couple of message flows that are set as favorite/widget. I guess I could use Tasker or a Webhook app on my Android device to post, but for now I guess I will just add a few more flows with common messages. :slight_smile:

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Note, you can also use questions with pre-defined answers

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I don’t have this card.
Is this also working on iOS devices?

Maybe a homey bridge? In that case you probably don’t have this card. Or you have to go to settings/experiments/power user. It’s the THEN card push notifications

I have the Homey Pro (early 2019) and an Apple device but not this card available. Even not when I activate the experimental option.

And it in your account you have added a mobile number?

These are my options, and where i can use push notifications.

That didn’t do the trick for me.
Can you tell me exactly where put in my mobile number?
Because there is no option in my account settings to fill in the number.

And you are looking for this card in the correct part right? that means the AND column/cards, not the THEN column/cards.
No need to put in a phone number for regular push messages, push messages are linked to the mobile app itself, going through the cloud to get to your phone.

Thank you very much! :+1:t2:
I was looking in the THEN part instead AND :see_no_evil:

It strange to use a phone number for push notifications because they are not related to a number.

So thank you for helping me out with this. And next I will put my glasses on :nerd_face:

Indeed a phone number isn’t used.
But to answer your question, there are several locations where your account can be managed. The one with phone number entry is: