Combining RGBW and RGB

I’m not really sure the best place to post this.

I have an RGBW controller from Fibaro and it’s (going to) connect to RGBW strip lights in my kitchen.

I also want some cabinet lights linked to the same switch/controls, but don’t seem to be able to find RGBW puck lights for this purpose.

What I’d like to understand is can I just use RGB (or just white even) to link into the same controller and have them on irrespective of the RGBW settings?, just if the other ones are on, these are on?

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Yes you can just add them to the rgb outputs of the fibaro and it will turn on with the other rgbw. Just make sure the power adapter is strong enough (90% load 10% from Max load)

Thanks - but what happens if I set the RGBW to White (so the strips go white) - would that not just leave the RGB lights off?

I used IKEA tradfri for the kitchen cabinet lights, works fine. Can control each section with a different powerblock and control all lights with a hue dimmer or fibaro dimmer or flow. Like 2 presses on livingroom light turns on all cabinets. Even motionsensor at night for using it as pilot light. Dim whole kitchen with the small ikea dimmer. No rgbw though

If you choose the advanced setting “rgb strip connected” instead of rgbw which is default, it will use the rgb leds to create white.
The same for just a single strip color (white in your example), it will ignore color selection, and only the dim/OnOff will work.

That might be the best solution in this case.