Fibaro RGBW controller and Google Assistant issue


I have a Fibaro RGBW Controller installed on my kitchen hood which has a white LED strip inside of it that lights up my kitchen island. There are a few other RGB bulbs and strips around the place as well. In the options of the device I chose that it is White LED only but every time I ask my google assistant to make lights a certain color, it also tries to change my kitchen island white led strip to that color. It obviously doesn’t work, light just shuts off and in the Homey app it indicates that light indeed has changed the color. If that happens, I have to go to the device settings and reset everything and change color back to white. It’s very annoying as I always forget about it and then have to remember how to restore the light again so it works.

How can I make it so it doesn’t react to color changes and will think of this LED strip as just a white LED only or a regular bulb?