Coloured or hidden contact sensor?

I’ve been using Aqara contact sensors to date but we’ve just had some new doors put in that are anthracite and the white of the sensors would stick out like a sore thumb!

Can anyone advise of a sensor that is either hidden in the door somehow, external rated or anthracite in colour?!


Or spraying black!


Just buy some gray plastic paint

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This community is starting to look like a written Google Home or Alexa. Just type a question and someone else will take the time to do the simple internet search for you. :thinking::neutral_face:

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Ffs. Do you think I’d waste time posting if I’d googled and found an answer

Seriously there are some people really getting on their high horse around here. It’s a forum, for help.

This kind of attitude is going to really put people off homey. If you have nothing to add go post elsewhere, I didn’t require you to answer

Thanks to the others that have been helpful


The question you ask is very open and simple to answer by using google. You don’t mention you have found something and want advice about that.
So in fact, yes i do. Sorry, but that’s the way i see it.

I try to help everyone but find myself (and i know others too) more and more reluctant to do so because more and more people just ask and don’t search for themselves before they do.

There’s a simple solution: just ignore questions that, in your eyes, could be solved by a simple search. Saves you from having to post a snarky comment, and saves the rest of us from having to read them.


I knew it… And so fast! :+1: Very predictable

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You dont have to read the snarky comment also :wink:

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Iˋm using the sensative strips

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Do they work well? What is battery life like?

Sensitive is the perfect word for this topic…

If someone would like to ask something before using the search he/she simply can, regardless if someone has a problem with it. I’m a customer and don’t want to be instructed to do a search first. Maybe I’ve already done that. Simply don’t read it but stop complaining.

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So YOU are a customer and YOU don’t want to… Exactly the attitude that gets on MY nerves. This is a community, not a paid service desk.
Got news for you, we ALL are customers here and we ALL spend our own time here. Some of us to help, some of us to ask questions and nothing more. The helpers don’t get paid by Athom if you thought so, so yes, from time to time i get very annoyed by the ease people expect someone else will do the search work.
But maybe the people who spend most of their times here helping others should take your advice and ignore those questions. Would really help keeping the community alive i guess…

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Think about your hart rate… nobody says that I’m NOT use the search but some people think a lot and use this forum to teach people. Sorry but if I like to ask and not use the search is that my way to go. Like paying to use a helpdesk…

Besides: I ALWAYS use the search because I hate it to write posts if it’s not needed, but this is a community, not a school class… while some people think it is.

Good for you. Keep that up. Communities are meant to be able to share information, but also to TEACH something to others. But if others aren’t open for teaching or criticism, we should call it something else aye?

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‘Lazy posts’ where the answer can easily be found are just as annoying as people who write upset posts about aforementioned people.

Please keep in mind sometimes the issue is that people may not know what to search for, but yes we do ask that people attempt to find the answers themselves before posting.

Just like we ask that threads stay on topic so people can find what they are looking for …

Lucky for us this was solved in the 5th posts, thanks @vaderag for tagging the solution.