(Cloud) Time calculations

I am trying some things on the Homey Cloud.
How to get $timenow$ in a variable?
I want to calculate the on-time of a switch.

I am using homey cloud, so better logic, countdown, timer,… is no option.

Pick Homey “time” tag.

Now these string vars are converted to num vars.
But how to subtract those time values… i don’t know.

(With the Chronograph app it’s easy, but, you know)

Thanks, the time in Homey cloud is hours and minutes, and I want seconds :slight_smile:
I will test some more things. It is stupid a simple thing like time now doesn’t work. It would allow timers, stopwatch etc in Homey Cloud.

I could setup a webhook which sends the Unix time every second to Homey cloud and save it as a variable :-), but it doesn’t make any sense

It does when you’re Athom: these things are considered “advanced” and require a Homey Pro.

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Like Robert says. And the bridge is aimed at non-techies and should be simple to use. It’s also cheaper, so… keep things in perspective I’d say.