Cleverio WiFi Door/Window sensor

I recently bought a WiFi sensor for door/Window by Cleverio (Cleverio Door/Window Seonsor-76a5), only to realise that it was only Zwave sensor from Cleverio supported in the current app.

I have connected it through the Android app “Smart life - smart living”, so it is now available in my network and through that app. There is a “More Services” in the app to connect it to third party services like:

  • Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Tecent Xiaowei
  • DuerOS
  • DingDong
  • SmartThings
  • Google Fit Data set Synchronization Data

Anyone has any idea if I’m able to get this sensor to be accessible through unites in Homey ?

Hi, I have 3 Clevero wifi cam cc-110. A great camera, but cannot find it in IFTTT (external) app. I do click on smart life as trigger and camera detect motion, but the device list will only say “loading”…
Do you have any tips? Mabe wifi cleverio is not available under the “smart life” integration?
The goal is to set up flows in the homey app.
Thanks for input.