Circuit breaker to control water boiler


I have 2 water boilers at home. they are very stupid models.
And I’d like to control them from homey.

I’m looking for a circuit breaker :

  • High power (220v / 30A)
  • Connected through Wifi
  • Can measure power usage
  • Directly connected to Homey, no IFTTT, no brand specific server

Any idea ?

I tried looking through the forum, but could not find a post about this subject.
Thank you.

Are you sure its 220v /30A.
Then you talking about a boiler of 6600w

This cant be connected on a normal 16A circuit breaker?

Please explain?

30A (or 32A) breakers are pretty normal for water heaters. Not everywhere in the world is gas used to heat up water :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just use a Sonoff to control a big relay. Normaly they will have a 230VAC coil.