Chromecast, cast video


I am trying to get my Nest hub to show a video (not YouTube), but it will not play it.
The video is a MP4.
Anyone know which format the Nest hub will play?

Here an MP4 shot with an iPhone is just working fine.

Where have you stored it?
Maybe that’s my problem… I have uploaded it to a file sharing website…

Just to test i put the file on my Synology

Ok. So I don’t know if my question belongs here, but I’ll give it a try.

I read that for casting audio you need to use the “cast webpage” card, because the “casting music” card does not work properly. I have a similar problem with the “cast a video” card. If I use this card to stream a small mp4 video stored on my Homey and on my Nast to my Android TV or my Google TV stick, the blue Chromecast logo shows on the tv and nothing happens. If I use the “cast a webpage” card it works, but I also see the on-screen control buttons. Something I don’t want to see. If I get my Samsung Tab S5E tablet and open the video from my Nas with VLC player and then cast it to my Android TV using the cast icon in VLC player it also works.

Anybody any thoughts on this? Or am I beter of sending this to Athom, because the Chromecast app codes from them.


Hi @Dennis_van_Dinter ,
well, it is a know shortcoming with the chromecast app. No idea what they changed in one of their updates. For file compatibility you can google supported file formats for chromecast. That will basically give you an overview which file formats are natively supported by those things.
I doubt you can hide the playback controls. They are kind of part of the chromecast system. Maybe there is a protocol flag one could set. But if so, then it is not exposed in Homey, nor did I see it in the api spec yet.

Hi @Shakesbeard ,

I was affraid you were going to say that. But thank you very much for answering.



Got it working for now with a workaround. Create a HTML-file with the following lines:

<video width="100%" height="auto" autoplay="autoplay">
  <source src="" type="video/mp4">

Change the address within the HTML to the location of your video file.
Store this HTML-file on Homey with the Micro webserver app from @Shakesbeard (or any other device as long as it’s reachable). Create a flow using the “Cast a webpage” and use the url that points to the HTML-file stored on Homey.

Because the controls attribute isn’t mentioned in the HTML the controls will not be displayed.



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