Google Nest Mini no longer works with Chromecast app?

I have two Google Nest Mini that I use for voice notifications.
They have been working just fine until some time in early December, then they suddenly showed as “offline”.

I have been trying everything I can think of to get them working again. Removed the devices and re-installed the Google Chromecast app. But now only Chromecast devices and my soundbar is visible.

I created a new speaker group with both my Nests, and then it showed up in the “add device”-wizard, but it failed to add the group with an error and after that I haven’t seen the group anymore.

Does anyone else also have Nest Minis that just stopped working and cannot be re-added?

I’ve no issues with them. The Chromecast app needs a restart every now and then.
Did you reserve IP addresses for the mini’s? That might make a difference.

I have set static IP for all my Nest minis.
Now I tested to move one of them from my IoT Wifi to my Users-Wifi, and after that it was detected… which is very strange since the chromecasts are on the same wifi/subnet on my IoT wifi, and the chromecasts have been detected all the time (and the Nests have been working for years).

Well… at least I know a workaround. Thank you!

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