Playback Youtube video url via Google nest mini speaker?

Hi All,
I have a Google nest mini (speaker), trying to do Chromecast app to cast Youtube url to Google nest mini but, it seems do not work.

Am i doing it wrongly ? or cast Youtube url cannot do it on speaker only ?

Not youtube, only youtube music.

Or you need to retrieve the audo stream only, it’s possible, but i think it cost money to use that Google API.

thanks for sharing, i took a look at the google developer site, didn’t really find any api on youtube music. Maybe i was heading the wrong direction and ideas :sweat:

No, i don’t know about a Music Api in the Cloud.

But there is a YouTube Api, and you can retrieve the video’s as only audio, somehow :wink:

I could have a look to see if i can add this to the Google Service youTube device, to retrieve only-audio files.

But if so, i have a few thinks on my plate first :wink:

Thanks for reply, no hurray as i was looking for improvement and ideas. :bulb:

yes, i’ve found it the youtube api. in google developer :sweat_smile:

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