Youtube Music support

Is it possible to cast youtube music playlist to my chromecast devices?
If so, how?
Thanks in advance!

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I’m looking everywhere for a solution but so far nothing, only Spotify integrations…

The worst is, Google Home has the perfect solution with automations for me… But it updates device states only if I manually open the app, so that does not help.

What would you want?
Because i allready have YouTube implemented in my Google Services app.
But you want Youtube Music?

Yes, I have YouTube premium and nest speakers, I want that music starts if I enter the room. Fibaro activates the lights and a power plug perfectly but I can’t get the speaker to just start random music the same as If I say “ok Google Play music”

Yeah, i have YT premium also, and ill look into building it into Google Services!

Can you create a feature request?


Hope I did it correctly, thank you very much, I’m excited how that folds out :slight_smile:

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Hi Arie, I found this post and I have the same wish for playing YouTube Music. I see that this post is 8 months old. Did you manage to build it it the Google Services app? I am using that for speech and I love it. Would be nice to be able to play music from YTM as well.

No, last time i checked, there was still no YT Music api available in Google Cloud.
Ill check every now and again to see if its there.

Edit: i do see a few unofficial api libraries, perhaps i can use one of those in the meanwhile. Ill look into it.