Chromecast app totally unusable

The Chromecast app is totally unusable and it’s still not fixed by Athom.

My findings:

  • Album art does not always change correctly

  • Artist or track does not change correctly

  • When casting a TuneIn Radio station and after that you cast something from your mobile phone or Android TV and you stop the casting. TuneIn station will again be set as artist and track? (WTF?!)

  • If you trigger a device and play a TuneIn station by motion or with a NFC tag, TuneIn station gets casted. But when the trigger is again started (By motion or NFC tag), the flows executes again (which is normal) but you can hear the radio station two, three, four, times?(!)
    It can be resolved by making an variable, but that’s not how the Chromecast works I think… When you cast something the other thing that’s playing should be stopped.

  • The card “When … app is is started” doesn’t do anything at all.

  • When NOTHING is playing (Google Home app shows it correctly) all info should be cleared in Homey.

  • When a radio station is casted and you stop it through the Google Home app, Homey does not update the info. It says is still playing. You need to go in to the app and stop/pause it again.

  • When there is a card “Device X Started playing” is used and you change the de volume in the Homey App of that Chromecast device, the card “Started playing” gets triggered?

Because of these problems it’s totally unusable to build flows with a Chromecast device.

Please Athom make this a priority.

Other people who have problems with the Chromecast app. What are your findings?

Psst, the company is called Athom. The device is called Homey. And you can’t talk to Homey anymore…

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I know… I’m a bit tired… :wink:

…I have mixed experience, restarting Chromecast app regularly in case of some device goinf off-line - not checking if anything is playing or not because I know it doesn’t work (seeing playing status regularly while nothing actually plays)… but I can’t recommend you anything else than to contact Athom support