Has the chromecast app been changed?


I have used the Chromecast app in the past to build a flow that plays a radio station automatically.
Now the Chromecast app has been updated. Since that time, the flows that use the chromecast app to play radio, do not work any longer.
The flow says, that the step in no longer available.
After I have removed the chromecast app and re-installed it, I get the full options again when adding a new card.


I can’t seem to find anymore how to add a radiostation.
I can find “cast a sound url” but not sure what to add there.

I know I could add a search term in the past, or scroll to a radio station, for the different flows I have created.

Basically I need 3 flows, with NPO Radio2, NPO 3fm and Omroep Venlo. I know I used the same method of adding all 3 in the past, but unsure how to find them again.

The developer wrote:
Hi, The radio casting will be back in the next update! Sorry for any inconvience.

Ah, that would explain why I could not find it anymore.
Can I pickup a beta version?

I’m afraid not. This is what athom wrote me

New version of the Chromecast app (5.0.17) is live which solves this issue :slight_smile:


Yes, great. That was exactly the thing that was missing.

This thread can be closed.

You told in the chromecast app 5.0.17 the problem is solved. But this is not truth. When i chose in tuneln station a list there is not a list.

I have restart my Homey but it doesn’t work

Now is the tuneln radio list back. Thanks