Chromcast 5.0.27 experience?

I noticed an update on the chromecast app (5days ago).
Whats the experience on this release?

Does it fix the issue with unresponsive chromecast (need to reset the app once every few days)?

Runs rather well for me. What do you mean by unresponsive?

Just disable the reset flow and you’ll see if it fixed …for you …

Did not fix it for me, sadly :frowning:

Did you try it??, and please share the outcome with the rest of us :wink:

Nope, for critical apps I do not auto-update.
I decide when to update.
This was a check to see if I want to update or not…

well runs pretty stable for me. But I also have fixed IPs for all cirtical devices.

I have seen the fixed IP tip a few times how.
Did not do that for my Chromecast yet (did do it for other decices)
So thats an improvement I will make too…

The only thing which still seems to make trouble is speaker groups. But I think it is due to the technical implementation of how they work. It might be a good practice to have at least one chromecast devices perma powered so it will keep the speaker group assigned to it.
The thing is, the speaker group can wonder off to a different device and the chromecast app seems to have an issue with that. But that’s the only problem I noticed so far.

Issue I have now (not updated the app yet) is that once every few days the flow runs, but the chromecast card fail.

I see it fails because when my flow does not run I open the flow and dio a test run.
This shows that the chromcast card fails to execute.
Reset the app and all works fine again…

I made a flow that regularly (night) resets the app. But it does not prevent failures 100%.
I did not find a rootcause for the failing of the app.

Next time I. Will verify if the IP address has changed. D