Chromecast pause/play not working

Anybody that have chromecast working with play/pause. Running the beta verison of the app but vant get it working. Other thinga works with volume.

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Out of curiousity. What do you use the Chromecast functionality for? I have multple Chromecasts in my house, but I can’t think of a use-case to use Homey with?

Mostly it’s about controlling. Can say it’s a must but always searching for new ways to make my life easier. For example I have an aqara cube. Sitting it the sofa I then can/would do simple actions like changing volume, play/pause and next episode just fiddling with the cube. Of course you can take you remote or iPad to do this but I guess you can reach the light switch as well without a homey :slight_smile:. Today we do some actions with google home telling it to play/pause chromecaat for example. Quit neat but it’s not always working and volume control sux.

But mostly it still about just testing and see if it’s nice and succeed with doing it :smile:

I’m in it the same way, but I just can’t think of a way to use Homey with my Chromecasts :slight_smile: I thought maybe you could inspire me :joy:

I start a radio station on Chromecast of I select an activity on Harmony hub

And so far for the off-topic part plz.

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Anybody that have chromecast working with play/pause. Running the beta verison of the app but cant get it working.

Having the same issue, casting an audio strem works fine but pause or stop makes the app crash (using the beta version)
Casting works fine:

Stop or pause does not:

I’m sending video stream from my front door on doorbell. After 30sec I’m stopping the stream. Works normally.

Personally I have 3rd Gen.

Seems to be an issue with the beta app.
Removed the beta, installed the stable
Now its working

I heave an chromecast ultra but both won’t work the play and pause (beta and stable)…Is there another solution to play/pauze netflix/spotify on my chromecast?