Cheap (EU) zigbee devices to enlarge network

Like i said, in the same network. So if you add al the device to homey they join all the homey Zigbee network.

If you for example using Hue lamps with the bridge they would make their own network. In that case you have 2 networks Homey and Hue.

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Ok now makes sense so i have just one Zigbee network using Homey so all those signal boosters will join boost the same network.


Yup indeed.

And i always suggest, to have at least 1 main powerd device in every room. Thats counts also for zwave

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No Mesh connection after installing the IKEA Zigbee devices??

Looking at your ZigBee network it looks like you have added the Signal repeater.
Just a quick question. How to do that? I cannot see it as a supported device in the IKEA Trådfri app?

Hi Stefan,

Try to install the IKEA Beta version of the APP from the store.


Cant get any mesh here eather.

My initial thought was the same that I will see a mesh graph, but nothing yet!


All Zigbee devices will use the “cheapest” route to the controller and the controller can handle 20 (aprox?) directly connected Zigbee nodes. When all direct connections are used the devices will start to route through other devices (those that are marked as routers).

The device list shows the current route for a device, Zigbee devices hold a list of other nodes in their routingtable and can change route if needed, e.g. when a routing unit is remover or if the device are moved.

A unit can be routed through another device before 20 devices has been reached, this is normally because of the “cost” for the route is better than communicating directly. This can be because of the distance or radio interference.

It is always a good idea to start including routing devices before adding end devices (normally battery operated units are end devices).


Interesting! As some of you I need to extand my network as som of the devices (HUE lamps) are on the limit (= work sometimes and sometimes not).

My HUE lamps are used through the HUE bridge. I assume, based on what I read here, the this is then a separated Zigbee network, not the Homey Zigbee network.
Is my asumption correct?
And how, in this case, can I extend the Zigbee network behind the HUE bridge with a cheaper router as IKEA router?

And next question, why I don’t see my HUE bridge in the Zigbee network (se the picture below)?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

yes, every Smarthome creates it own zigbee network. Even two bridges will create too zigbee networks-meshes

Because it’s a separate Zigbee network :smile:

But I guess I shoule be able to see the HUE bridge somewhere in Homey as Homey communicates with it?

Yes, it’s just a device in your device list. Nothing more than that.

Communication with the bridge is done using regular TCP/IP networking, not using Zigbee.

Ok, thank’s. I didn’t know that Homey-HUE bridge was done with TCP/IP.

And what about my other question:
And how, in this case, can I extend the Zigbee network behind the HUE bridge with a cheaper router as IKEA router?

Different Zigbee network so wont work…

You can add some innr plugs or ikea repeater to the hue bridge too.

How can I do that?

I dont understand the question but if you want to enlarge the hue zigbee network you can buy an innr plug and add it to the hue bridge. Then you have a better hue network:)