Zigbee devices don't use router

Hi all,

I have some issues with Aqara door sensors and Aqara double switch not reaching Homey and therefor they work sometimes. I have added Ikea Zigbee signal repeaters on the ground floor and the second floor. Homey is right in the middle on the first floor. When I check the developer Zigbee information I see that the repeaters are not used. Why? I already tried turning Homey off for 45 minutes to see if the Zigbee EndDevices were going to reroute, but nothing happens.

Any thoughts?

Looks the same here, only direct routes and they do not always seem to work. Even devices positively added later than the routers do not seem to be using them.

Signal repeater
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The devices does mesh, but it dosn’t show.

First add routers, then endpoint devices…

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