Change Value of System Weather Temp

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maybe you can support me. Is there a way to change the system weather temperature? As my weather station says we have -1 degree and Homey system says -2. I thought to somehow manipulate the value.

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Hi @Jean_Ochmann ,
that is somehow not enough information.
It sounds like

My teacher says 2 * 2 equals 4, my neighbour says it is 5. So whenever my neighbour tells me a result of any calculation, I take 1 less and that should be right.

So what weather station do you use, how gets your Homey (which one?) to its result, i.e. which App do you use?

Could be a question of rounding or truncating the figure, Well if you say in nearly every case the Homey value is 1 degree lower (but which one is right?), some devices allow adjustments. If not you may create your own numeric variable MyAdjustedTemperatureAtMyWeatherStation
When… WheatherStation #Temperature changes
Then… Calculate MyAdjustedTemperatureAtMyWeatherStation as {{ #Temperature +1}}

Probably there is also a solution with an App like Virtual Divices or Device Capabilities but I do not really know them.

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No, the Homey internal weather data cannot be changed.
What sense does that make? What do you want to achieve?

My homey says -4 another app says -4.5 and 3rd -5.
Those are rough values, if you need to get reliable outside temp data get a zwave/zigbee/wifi sensor to measure realtime. All those apps are gathering data from some internet service and often are predictions they dont have sensors in your backyard and measure realtime.

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Okey thanks for your answers.

I thought I can manipulate the value with my value from my own weather station. But if that’s not possible it’s also fine. It was just a nice to have option.

I agree with @Jepke. But I guess the more reliable outside temperature is the one from Homey. I don’t know which weather service Homey use, but usually such values come from airports or other professional weather stations. These weather stations are more accurate and installed normally in accordance regulations for professional weather station systems.
However, the more realistic temperature could be the temperature of your own weather station.

In the past, Homey showed beside the temperature also the location. In my case, however, the location was about 3-4 kilometers away from my home. And then it’s absolutely understandable that the values are different.

Just a little example. This is a relatively small section of Eindhoven (NL) on which Netatmo weather stations are shown:

In this area, the temperatures already vary by 5 °C, from -5 °C to 0 °C.
These differences can be caused by several factors:
– incorrect installation, e.g. too close to the house
– measurement tolerances
– actual differences in temperature
– …