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Change order Homey -> Homey Pro


i ordered a Homey a few days ago and recognize that there is a Homey Pro available :slight_smile:
How can i change my order in Status “processing” to the new model Pro?

Best regards

Contact Athom directly. They doesn’t always read the community forums.

It’s not available yet… Somewhere in February…

Thats fine for me, i can wait :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks. I’ll do so.

do you think its worth it?

I hope so, i’ll do the change from the homee system, which is definitive not build for bigger installations.
Don’t want to change the “brain” again in one or two years.

I’ve been running > 40 apps for years on Homey… So with a Pro I could go to >80 apps :slight_smile:

thats what i mean,… 40 apps… runs fine… do you really have a use for 80 apps?

Can’t imagine :slight_smile:

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