Change icon on Homeyduino

Does anybody know how to change the logo/icon of a Arduino (Wemos) device via Homeyduino?
Is this done via the Homeyduino library on the Wemos itself? or is it fixed in the app?
I would like to put a water meter logo instead of the ‘owl’ logo.

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Device icons are set by the app during pairing. The Homeyduino app doesn’t have an option to change it.

It’s probably also depending on the capability that is defined in your wemos code.

Thanks Jan, Robert.

So, it could be part of the Homeyduino library used on the Wemos.
I’ll have a look in that one.


Device icons are defined by the app, and it only has a few to pick from: com.athom.homeyduino/drivers/homeyduino/assets at master · athombv/com.athom.homeyduino · GitHub

Basically, it will always use icon.svg unless the device is a Sonoff device, in which case it will use icon_sonoff.svg.