Can't add kaku AGD2-3500R as device


I have added two kaku devices: AGDR-3500. No problem. Now I am trying to add a new device AGD2-3500R. This device type is not listed in the kaku app. When trying to add as AGDR-3500 when pairing directly to the device, the device responds to the pair (by switching on/off a couple of times), but Homey does not move forward in the procedure.

Any thoughts?

Did you check on the apps page if the device is actually supported?

Hi @Jeroen_Somhorst; I assumed I bought the same device which is supported and already working in the system: AGDR-3500. This is the AGD2-3500R (which has the same looks). The AGD2-3500R is not mentioned in the supported list. With this topic I’m trying to find out if there may be an opportunity to also get this device up and running. Thanks for your feedback.

Please note that the issue is solved now. At the end I identified that my router died. Once replaced by a proper mesh router: happy days! (I added the device as AGDR-3500 without any issues).