Cannot report bugs with apps

Hi, I would like to report an issue with an app (Withings, after logging in spinner loads for 5 minutes or something and I get ETIMEDOUT on an oath2 URL), but the support link chain is a loop.
Does somebody know of a direct URL I can use to fill in a form or something?

So I start on the page of the app:

I Scroll down to the part about support
Having an issue with this app? Contact the developer here.” and click here

I click “Homey Pro” on that page, then “Apps”, then “Withings” and I see this:

Now my app is already up to date, so I click “Visit the Developer’s Support Website”, which brings me back to the top of the page I am already: Support | Homey

On the apps list, there should be ”Other” option which then gives to the option to Contact support.

I had to do the same, when I reported an issue with Withings Sleep, that no triggers trigger, i.e. don’t get an event that someone went to bed or got up.

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Click on “other” and you’ll get a form you can fill in

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Are you using username/password or the token to login? I’m using Withings too, and had issues too when I used the token, after changing to password everything seemed to be working

Sorry no, I just knew a way to get to the support form.

I meant @Benji
Probably it’s not a bug, since it is working fine for me now (or at least it works with password in stead of token for me

I just got a login screen. While registering the app I used Apple SSO, so I used that to login at the popup as well. (Did not notice a token or password choice) Only the last few days that resulted in a 5 minute loading spinner after which a timeout error occurred. That does not seem like normal behavior to me.

However, managed to report the bug with OH2TH and Peter_Kawa’s workaround. (Still think that correctly selecting the right app not working is something that should be fixed as well, but I got to send a message. ^^, On top of that the Withings app also wanted feedback about their product so dropped it there too.

Maybe it’s a coincidence or maybe someone read one of the messages, but this morning it started working again. :partying_face: Thanks!

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You probably’ve read about the backlog of 2 weeks @ support…
I think, to reduce the load, they tried to make it as difficult as possible to create a ticket :crazy_face: