iPhone app bugs

I’m a new Homey user, using the iPhone/iOS App.

I’m finding a lot of glitches, features and bugs. Which is the best forum to report them? Are they responsible to resolving bugs?

None, you need to file a support request.

Under “Platform. mobile app”?

Is there a public list of bugs? (An issue list or so forth?)

I’m not intimately familiar with the support site, but that sounds about right.

LOL, no. When I report issues on Slack a common response is “I reported that issue months ago already…” :man_shrugging:t3:

That’s disappointing, for something which claims to have a strong community. The rest of us are used to fixing bugs in the open through GitHub issues, etc.

There’s a slack channel?

Nope, there isn’t anymore… (Was a Public Issue tracker long time ago before Mobile App v2.0 or so. :wink: )

But even if you want to report them,
it could be helpful if you report fe Feature Request here…

  • It could be that there is a different way to accomplish it or a reason to discus (Maybe something get’s HOT here and gives Athom a reason to Prioritize. )


That sounds great. Which forum should I use?

You could create a FR here by creating a Topic

See some tagged here:

I’ve raised [Bug] Flow renaming isn’t consistent