Docu bugs?

while reading through the documentation i noticed that some things not up-today.
So where should i post these “bugs” related to documentation ? even the main ‘Report a bug’ link is outdated

should i create a thread for each error founded ?

No, because Athom doesn’t read the forum on a regular basis. Best send all your bug requests through the webform here:

Oh - thats pretty hard.
i wrote request - is there a support portal where i have an overview of my requests ?

Not sure, I never submitted any requests through that form :sweat_smile:

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just go to and fill in the form. They will respond. :slight_smile:

got respond and they said i should ask/post it in communty slack… they do not offer dev support

If your problems are with the existing development documentation (here), I’m not sure how they expect the community to fix those documents, because only Athom has access to them.

Out of curiosity, can you name a few things that are out-of-date?