Cannot change device name

I have installed a Fibaro Dimmer. It’s working perfect, but I have not given it a good name and I want to change it. But when I open the “Edit Device” and change the name, lit changes back to the old when I tap the check mark.
What am I doing wrong?

I can somewhat reproduce this for any device: long-press the device to open its “dashboard”, press the settings icon, change the name, press the check mark, then the UI goes back to the dashboard that shows the old name.

However, if you go back to the device overview, the name has changed. Also, if you leave open the dashboard, the name will change eventually (after about 30 seconds in my case).

Hi and thanks for the answer.
Actually, I fumbled with this after going to bed last night and when I look at it this morning, the name was changed. So, just long response time.

Still a (small) bug IMO.