Can´t get Fyrtur to pair with Homey and remote at the time

Hi, I recently bought Fyrtur, and it works fine with the remote control OR Homey, but not both at the same time.

When I pair Fyrtur with Homey, the remote control stops working. When I pair Fyrtur with the remote, Homey stops working.

Should this work?

No clue what you mean… please read this for a moment, thanks:

No, this will not work, this is normal behaviour, using zigbee, there is always only one host that can control the device.

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I thought it was very clear

You have to pair Fyrtur and the remote control with Homey. Then you have to build some flows.

— Down button was pressed
— Set position on 0 %

And so on…

You can also try this. Don’t know if it works with Fytur and the Up/Down remote.

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Thanks, I will try this