Can not connect NodOn Roller Shutter Zigbee

Hi I have bought NodOn Roller Shutter but i can not connect it with homey. Does anyone have a idea how it works? Homey does not find any Zigbee Device to connect.

Thanks and kind regards

As you can see in the app store, the app NodOn supports only Z-Wave devices:

Additional there is no roller shutter listed by the supported devices.

You can try to contact the developer of the app and ask him to add Zigbee devices as well:

Hi did you find a solution?
I have the same problem.


Hi Rodolphe,

If there is no app for the device manufacturer or the device is not supported in the app, then it will not work with Homey.
The only exceptions are Zigbee lamps, Zigbee smart plugs and Z-Wave smart plugs.

Please contact the app developer.

Ok thanks.
Have a great evening.