Can door sensor turn on m1s

Hi all , know nothing about tech.
I bought aqara window and door sensor because sometimes garage left open.
Then I bought m1s to supposedly control it and get notified when open.
My question is can I make the m1s light turn off and on when the door opens or do I need another light,?
Thanks Eddie

Aqara sensors can be paired with Homey, use the Aqara & Xiaomi app for that.
With additional Aqara or Ikea smart plugs you can cover the distance between Homey and the door sensor.
It depends on the radio noise and walls (types) @ your place, but one for each 5 meters is a starting point.

The m1s is not supported yet with the Homey Aqara app.

What light do you want to switch?
With Homey you can switch anything coupled by anything coupled.