Building/structuring a smart home - best practices

I wonder if there are any good guides on how one should build and structure the flows/logic for a smart home. Everyone wants to do the same thing, but ends up doing it differently, probably because of different requirements, devices and homes.

However, what many people can create together from experience and trial and error, must be better than individual implementations of a smart house. There are several similarities between all smart homes. E.g most automations are run based on presence and every smart house system should let the user override the automations.

I miss these best practices or things that is proven to work well. Do you have a list of best practices or any resources that shows how an amazing smart home looks like?

Here you can find some info: Guides — Vesternet

For sure there are other many articles, reference material, books etc which other members of this forum might point out.

I created a post on how I like to structure my flows.
Might help you. (Some like this way, some dont…)

Thanks for sharing, interesting post! Would be nice to see more of these posts to get inspiration on how to structure my own flows.