Bug? The number 2 (it is also greyed out) cannot be selected anymore in "time is between" condition

Hi all,

Since this Sunday 28-03-2021 Homey doesn’t correctly reads the “time is between”.
I cannot anymore select “The time is between 2:59 and 3:01” for example

The dialbutton skips the number 2 (it is also greyed out). All other numbers work correctly.

I don’t know if this bug occurred since daylight saving changes this weekend or since homey version 5.04.

To clarify: this happens in the mobile app only.

I can reproduce it. It looks like it’s because the time selector is tied to the current day. For today (March 28th), “02:00” doesn’t exist so you can’t select it. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to create your flow :wink:


Haha I think you’re right! I already found this 02:00 not working rather suspicious being the only number having issues.
Thanks for clearing it up!

Athom has picked it up, we’ll see next year if they were able to fix it :wink:


Are you using an iPhone?
Seems to be fine on my Android phone, all the numbers are available.

Yeah, the issue seems to be iOS-only.

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Got the same on Android - can’t set Time condition to 2:xx … it get reset to 1:xx

At what point does it get reset?

Do you clocks change tomorrow or did they change this morning?

Ours changed this morning but I can set 2:xx OK so just trying to work out if it’s related.

Clock changed yesterday, today it is working already five…:slight_smile:

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