Bug showing info on icon on Shelly app in Homey

Shelly app on iPhone has a bug when try to show status on the icon, like energy, In my case i try with some Shelly Plug S.
If you in the settings on the device chose the device-type to “Other”, it´s possible to show Energy etc, but if you change the device-type to anything else (like: lamp), it´s not possible to show status on the icon anymore. The choice is grayed out.

Guess that not complete correct the way you state,
ONLY the lamp as Pluged in it is disabled: as all Light sources show a Light indicator.

All others as far as I know and tested on a virtual Device (Not A Shelly) on a Homey have an option to show some other status indicator of the device.

afaik this is not configurable in the Application but a default from Homey Core.

That indeed isn’t a bug but intended behaviour by Athom.

There are several (virtual) classes that don’t allow to change the indicator, that includes “light”, “lock” and “thermostat”.

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Devices that are configured as light it’s generally not possible to select another status. This is not only the case with the Shelly Plug.
I am not an app developer, but I guess that this is a requirement from Athom.

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