This type of device might not be supported in the future

Recently I got this message:
“This type of device might not be supported in the future” when switching my Deltaco smart bulbs. Yesterday the lights did not turn on and now I get “An unknown error has occurred [uri_disabled]”
Anyone know why this bulbs are (suddenly) not longer supported? They worked fine for months.
Is there a way around it to make them work again?

It’s all explained on the Shelly appstore page, and Shelly app forum topic…
That can be found like this:

Thanks for your reply. However I didn’t have issues with Shelly devices, but Deltaco. Deltaco Smart-plugs never worked with Homey but the lamps all used to work fine. Now all lamps stopped working and after deleting them from Homey I am not able to add them anymore. The lamps work fine with the “Smart life” (Tuya) app on my phone.

My bad! The error msg was similar, I missed the brand you mentioned :upside_down_face:
There was a URL included in that error message, just go to that page… But, it is not ‘clickable’:
Please got to the Tuya Cloud app topic, and follow procedure.